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The highest quality foil with a many-year experience of the team is a guarantee of perfectly provided service. A vehicle is thoroughly prepared, cleaned and dismantled for the wrapping process. The time needed to completely change a colour depends on a vehicle, and lasts from 2 to 5 days.

Vehicle wrapping with cast foil is a great alternative to painting with one major difference, wrapping is a 100% reversible process, allowing to restore the original colour at any time. In addition, foil perfectly protects the beneath paint, so after removing foil, even after a few years, the factory paint is in the same state as at the time of wrapping. A colour palette is another great advantage of foil. There is a large number of foil colours and unusual foil colours; it is virtually impossible to achieve such colours for standard painting. The approximate wrapping cost (depending on a vehicle and foil type) is 2500 – 5000 PLN.

Foils templates:

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